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Taxi & Bus Services in Singapore


The private taxi services in Singapore are among the best modes of transportation. Taxi services in Singapore are comparatively reasonable, hassle-free and inexpensive. Well-arranged taxi stands can be found around every major place of interest. There are over 15,000 air-conditioned taxis and cabs operate in service of the tourists. These cabs are metered indicating that the billing system is efficient and transparent. These taxis and cabs are operational in 24 hours mode and are available at all major tourist destinations and hotels.

Taxi Companies

Citycab Taxi
Tel: 6552-1111
Fax: 6453-6030

Comfort Premier Cabs
Tel: 6552-2828

Comfort Taxi
Tel: 6552-1111
Fax: 6453-3183

Limousine Cab
Tel: 6535-3534

Tel: 8199-8699

Premier Taxis (Silver Cabs)
Tel: 6363-6888

Prime Taxi
Tel: 6778-0808

Smart Automobile
Tel: 6485-7799

Smart Cabs
Tel: 6485-7777

SMRT Taxis
Tel: 6555-8888

Transcab Services
Tel: 6555-3333
Fax: 6287-7764

Yellow-Top Cabs
Tel: 6552-1111
Fax: 6456-7005


Bus services in Singapore provides a very easy and cheap means of road transport for the public. SBS Transit and the SMRT Corporation are the two major companies providing transport facilities in Singapore, arranging about two million rides each day. Altogether there are almost 300 bus services plying through Singapore.

Bus routes have been planned in conjunction with MRT routes so you can efficiently commute to almost every part of Singapore, usually in air-conditioned comfort. Dedicated bus lanes ensure timely arrival even during peak hour traffic jams. Depending on the bus route and time of day, service frequency ranges from 8 to 30 minutes. Buses provide both seats and standing room but the number of passengers allowed to stand is strictly monitored.

Bus Companies

SBS Transit
Tel: 1-800-287-2727






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