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Bringing your car to Singapore

Importing your car is not really a good idea, since there's a huge quagmire of red tape to wade through, not to mention import duties seemingly designed to bankrupt you. We can guarantee it'll not be easy, but if you REALLY have to, then the following will be useful. We've put the necessary steps in Stages, so you'll probably end up wasting less time if you actually decide to go through with this, or maybe no time at all, once you're through reading this and realize the hassle is probably really not worth it.

Stage 1: Your car(s).

1. Must be less than 3 years old from the date of its first registration in your home country.
2. Will be subjected to a $10,000 surcharge.
3. Must pass an inspection conducted by the Singapore Land Transport Authority which requires.
4. Your car's exhaust emission to comply with either the Directive 91/441/EEC of Europe or Article 31 of the Japanese Safety Regulations emission standards
5. Your cars Safety Glass (if any) to not contain any metallic oxide coating and have a minimum of 70% light transmittance
6. Your car to be a right hand drive type
7. Your car to be able to use unleaded petroleum
8. Your car to be fitted with approved seat belts both front and rear
9. Your car not to have any asbestos in its brake or clutch lining
10. Your car's air-conditioning to be CFC free

If everything is OK, proceed to Stage 2.

Stage 2: You need to get.

1. The EEC Certificate of Conformity from your cars' manufacturer if it's made in the European Community or.
2. The Completion Inspection Certificate from your cars' manufacturer if it's made in Japan
3. If neither applies, send your car for testing at any recognized vehicle testing laboratory to get a Certificate of Compliance with Exhaust Emission Standards as well as a Test Report and a Safety Glass Certificate.
4. Some form of official proof that your car is new or never been registered for use. If your car is a used one, the vehicle registration document is required, these must be certified by your home government authorities
5. Technical Specifications or Technical Catalogue issued by your cars' manufacturer if your car is a model not previously imported into Singapore
6. A Declaration Form for asbestos free brake and clutch lining
7. An Inward Cargo Clearance Permit from a shipping agent, to get this, your shipping agent will need to submit a joint application to the Trade Development Board and the Customs and Excise Department using the Tradenet System. This is needed to arrange shipment of your car to Singapore
8. The Open Market Value (OMV) of your car from the Customs and Excise Department so they can levy the 41% customs duty based on that. on you

When you're done with all this frustrating drudgery move to Stage 3, where more joy awaits you.

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