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Double Tax Treaties in Singapore


A double tax treaty allows that tax
paid can be offset in one of two
countries against tax payable in
the other, thus avoiding double
taxation. Singapore is a signatory
to double tax treaties with many
countries throughout the world.
Some forms of income are exempt
from tax or qualify for reduced rates.
These include royalties, dividends
and capital gains.

Signatories to Double Tax Treaties

Country Effective from (year) Country Effective from (year)
Australia 1969 Austria 2002
Bahrain 2004 Bangladesh 1981
Belgium 2008 Brunei 2006
Bulgaria 1997 Canada 1977
China 2007 Cyprus 2001
Czech Republic 1998 Denmark 2000
Egypt 2004 Estonia 2007
Fiji 2006 Finland 2002
France 1975 Germany 2006
Hungary 1998 India 1994
Indonesia 1991 Israel 2005
Italy 1979 Japan 1995
Kazakhstan 2007 Kuwait 2003
Latvia 2000 Lithuania 2004
Luxembourg 1996 Malaysia 2006
Malta 2008 Mauritius 1996
Mexico 1995 Mongolia 2004
Myanmar 2000 Netherlands 1971
New Zealand 1973 Norway 1998
Oman 2006 Pakistan 1993
Papua New Guinea 1992 Philippines 1977
Poland 1993 Portugal 2001
Qatar 2007 Romania 2002
Russia 2009 Slovakia 2006
South Africa 1997 South Korea 1981
Sri Lanka 1980 Sweden 1969
Switzerland 1976 Taiwan 1982
Thailand 1976 Turkey 2001
Ukraine 2009 UAE 1996
UK 1997 Uzbekistan 2008
Vietnam 1994    

There are also limited tax treaties with Chile, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and the USA. Further, there are treaties and protocols signed but not yet ratified with Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brunei, Denmark, Finland, France, Georgia, Japan, Libya, Malta, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Qatar, Slovenia and the UK.

Other International Agreements

Singapore has entered into a number of tax information exchange agreements, and has met the OECD’s “white list” requirements. The jurisdiction has also entered into international free trade agreements with Australia, Brunei, Chile, the European Free Trade Association, India, Japan, Jordan, New Zealand, Peru, South Korea and the USA.





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